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Axil GS-Extreme Tactical Wireless Ear Buds

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

AXIL GS-Extremes $100 off right now!

Check out the YouTube video and review here!

A lot of you have been asking about discounts for the Axil GS Extreme Ear Pro that I have been wearing, well... Axil created a custom page for all the MrBigKid Crew! Purchasing through this link will knock 65% the total, making them EXTREMELY affordable!

Now... to the review!

Quality Impressions -

The GSE (GS Extreme) has been an amazing companion in my shooting adventures. The tiny package, long battery life, durability, and performance has made the GSE my go-to ear pro. One day I left my GSE in the back of my truck, and it rained. Though they were filthy and covered in Arizona mud... after a little cleaning they are just as good as they were when I got them.

Comfort Impressions -

The GSE is comfortable! The little bars near the ear buds are flexible, but maintain their form. The benefit is they actually stay in your ears, and don't slip out! They come with little foam and silicone tips for different noise dampening levels. I pretty much leave the foam tips in there since they are comfortable, and block out the sound better.


The GSE has the ability to amplify sound like other electronic ear pro, while at the same time muting loud noises. The battery life lasts for days. (actual run time is unknown, however I typically go weeks without charging them). Yes, they perform very well for the small package. Four extremely loud applications, like the 50BMG, I would still recommend doubling up on ear pro.

The Bad

The only downside to the GSE is the slight noise distortion when it's very windy out, or if the sound amplification is turned way up. It can start picking up your own voice when turned up, and can be a bit annoying.

Overall Experience and Satisfaction

I would rate the Axil GS Extreme Ear Buds 90%.

They are an excellent set of All-In-One Ear buds, and the benefits FAR exceed the very minor drawbacks. I Own lots of different Ear Pro. The technology, small package, performance and batter life really impress me.

Check out my affiliate link here for 65% off from Axil!

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