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Cox Arms USA Wulf 5.56 AR Pistol

In the shooting world of AR-15s, it has become difficult to be creative and unique. With so many good options, what makes an AR PERFECT? What makes this AR FAST and FLAT? I stumbled across COX Arms USA and was glad I did. I picked up one of the Cox Arms USA 5.56 AR Pistols, named the Wulf. The 5.56 Wulf is a 10.5" AR Pistol with a carbine-length gas tube. This AR features a billet receiver set, upgraded H2 buffer, upgraded buffer spring, enhanced BCG, VG6 Gamma muzzle break, ELF Socom adjustable Trigger, MFT 15 degree grip and Gear Head Works M2 Brace. This AR-15 is loaded from factory with top-quality parts and components.