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Tactical Gift Ideas for under $200!

Here are some gift ideas for Tactical minded loved one... Including yourself!

Having tested each of these, I can at least vouch for their performance and quality.

Price - $116

The Surefire Stiletto is an EDC pocket light. The name Surefire is well known for their quality and durability. I have also seen some pretty incredible drop tests on these lights.

A couple cool features that impress me with this particular light...

  • Rechargeable

  • very wide and flood-like beam on this light really light up the environment

  • Several different programmable modes and outputs

  • Ability to fire the light through the rear of the stiletto with a momentary switch, and through the button assembly for a constant on / mode select.


Price - $129 for 1 pair OR $100 per pair if you purchase more than 1.

I have a few videos talking about these ear buds and think very highly of them. I have had my GS-Extremes for almost a year now and they have been going strong! I even purchased an additional pair for my wife once my initial testing was done, and she loves them as well!

The GS-Extremes have some pretty cool features.

  • Electronic sound enhancement

  • Bluetooth audio (can connect to your phone or laptop to make / take calls and listen to music).

  • Rechargeable

  • Battery life up to 25 hours when using sound enhancement.

  • Battery life up to 8 hours of use when using Bluetooth audio.


Price - $100+

If you have known about the MrBigKid Channel for more than a year, you might be aware that I am REALLY into BBQ and cooking. I obtained the Cuisinier for a review, and absolutely fell in love. The blade is incredibly sharp, and thin for slicing and general prep work. Not to mention I am a sucker for Damascus patterns and this blade is downright mesmerizing.

Forseti Steel also makes folders, fixed blades and a wide range of culinary knives.


Price - $-$$-$$$-$$$$

Ammo was an interesting commodity this year. One thing for sure is that ammo prices have increased drastically. I have built a relationship with my friends at True Shot and can 100% vouch for their ethics, pricing and their drive.

True Shot has been consistently in the front line of ammo pricing and creates some pretty enticing package deals for customers. For example... The MPRD2 Red Dot by Riton is free with a $409 purchased of 1,000 rounds of S&B 9mm. That is roughly .40c per round, with the addition of a free $200 micro pistol red dot.


Price - $184.49 (With Discount Code - MBK10)

The Blackout Defense Zero Reset Trigger is perhaps one of the BEST triggers I have ever installed and tested on the AR. My LWRC AR has seen probably over 30,000 rounds through it, and the trigger assembly was getting tired. I met with the team at Blackout Defense and was blown away by their Manufacturing and Quality control processes and most importantly their attention to detail.

The Blackout Defense Zero Reset Trigger has a very positive reset. It assists your finger moving forward for very rapid follow-up shots. The trigger pull was also consistently pulling at slightly less than 3lbs. If you want something a bit heavier, they also make a 4.5lb trigger that is buttery smooth.


The Gift of the Grind! Blackout Coffee is 🔥🔥🔥

Price - $-$$-$$$-$$$$ Use discount code (MRBIGKID) for 10% off.

Blackout coffee is delicious. Our particular favorite is Morning Reaper blend.

Blackout Coffee is a coffee company that is a strong supporter of the 2A. Jared from Guns and Gadgets is also part owner, and love to support the work he does.

Use my code MRBIGKID for 10% off the order!


I hope these gift ideas help you all out. Each of these products are worth more than the price tag IMHO.


This article contains affiliate links which may generate a commission at no extra cost to you. This commission greatly helps keeping the Video Creation, Reviews and BLOG running. If you do decide to purchase some of the products mentioned, thank you!

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