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Tested and Reviewed Equipment

Updated: Jul 10

LA Police Gear Level 4 Ceramic Plate, EXTREMELY Affordable and... it WORKS! Check out the video Below!

Link to Buy - la-police-gear.pxf.io/zaxQke

PSA KS-47. This is the 10.5" model.

I did a WHOLE review series on these... and I absolutely love it!

Little fireball throwers! The perfect mix between an AR and AK.

Link to Buy - https://bit.ly/3c3xQPw

Tippmann M4-22 Micro. This is possibly the most fun I have had with a .22lr pew pew!

Link to Buy - https://bit.ly/3kCZzKT

Surefire X300U-A Ultra High-Output Weapon Light

Link to buy - https://bit.ly/37yLM2A

AXIL GS-Extreme Electronic All In One Ear Buds. (Love these)

Link to Buy - https://bit.ly/3y3DA5g

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