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Top 5 EDC Guns to date

We are going over the 5 best CCW firearms that I reviewed this year and ranking them from 1 to 5. We are going to save the best for the last ranking based on performance, price, reliability, and comfort.

One thing to keep in mind… All these firearms are great options, that’s why they are in the top 5. Any of these options would make a great choice as a CCW.

Video Here

Starting up at number 5…

We have the Smith and Wesson Shield Plus Performance Center 9mm model. This was one of the first micro compact firearms that I purchased that featured an impressive capacity. Standard 10 rounds on the flush fit models, and 12 rounds on the extended magazine models. This gun is a very soft shooter, and I often see these exact firearms for less than $550 dollars, sometimes even in the $400 range. The main reason this is ranked number 5 is again… the capacity. While this gun featured an impressive capacity when it was released, other manufacturers have blown this capacity out of the water with their newer releases.

Score Factor From 1 to 10…

· Price – 8

· Performance – 7

· Capacity – 4

· Reliability – 7 (very few malfunctions)

· Comfort – 8

· Customization – 4

Total score of 63%

Number 4

Enter the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro. The Hellcat pro is of course based on the original Hellcat design however with a longer slide, longer grip, and larger magazine and capacity. The Hellcat Pro was a shocker when it came out with its 15 round capacity utilizing flush-fit magazines. The ergonomics of the Hellcat Pro seem to be comfortable, however the recoil is a little snappier than the next 3 mentions. This gun is often carried in my rotation and has been 100% reliable out of the few hundred rounds put through it. You can find my review video here.

Score Factor from 1 to 10…

· Price – 7

· Performance – 7

· Capacity – 8

· Reliability – 10 (zero malfunctions = 100% reliability)

· Comfort – 6 (ergonomics are comfortable, but the recoil is a bit snappy)

· Customization - 7

Total score of 75%

Number 3

Introducing the Sig P365 XL… Again. The P365 XL is sigs larger answer to the original P365. The XL again has a longer slide, longer grip module, and larger magazine capacity. The original P365 XL capacity was 12 rounds in the flush fit magazine, and 15 rounds with the extended magazine. Sig’s Grip Module platform means there are many many options for customization. Tons of aftermarket slides, barrels, and grip modules are available for these little pew pews. You can find my review video here.

Score Factor from 1 to 10…

· Price – 5 (Sig firearms are priced at a premium, including the P365 XL)

· Performance – 7

· Capacity – 6

· Reliability – 10 (zero malfunctions = 100% reliability)

· Comfort – 9

· Customization – 10 (Grip Modules, Slides, Tons of Options, Barrel Selections, Optics)

Total score of 78%

Number 2 The Silver medal of 2022 belongs to the Mossberg Mc2c. Amazing that such an affordable firearm can be so highly regarded on this ranking right? That’s because not only is the Mc2c affordable… It has a great capacity, it’s reliable, it performs, it’s comfortable, and it has an optic cut. There isn’t much there for customization, but for the price, it is hard to beat this one. I carry this firearm almost as much as I carry the next mention on this list.

Score Factor from 1 to 10…

· Price – 10 (Insanely affordable price for what you get)

· Performance – 7

· Capacity – 9

· Reliability – 10 (zero malfunctions = 100% reliability)

· Comfort – 8

· Customization – 6 (Optics, not much else)

Total score of 83%

Number 1

The gold belongs to the P365X-Macro. The Macro is one heck of a performer. It feels great, 17+1 capacity with flush fit magazines, aftermarket grip module availability, interchangeable with the P365XL components, and has been 100% reliable. The major downside of this gun is the price. From what I have seen, this gun starts around the $750 - $900 mark out the door. While this firearms performs incredible, and is my number 1 on this list… I feel like this gun can be marked down a couple hundred dollars.

Score Factor from 1 to 10…

· Price – 10 (It’s a great gun, but not a $800-$900 gun)

· Performance – 9

· Capacity – 10

· Reliability – 10 (zero malfunctions = 100% reliability)

· Comfort – 10

· Customization – 9 (Lots of options, however the macro slide itself forces you to use a short P365 Barrel)

Total score of 85%

As I stated before… This is a top 5 list which means every one of these firearms are contenders. I have carried each one of these guns as a CCW and put some extensive testing through them all.

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