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Ultra Light Weight .22lr... Bergara BMR Carbon

Something that every Man, Woman, and Child needs… A rifle chambered in .22lr.

I have quite a few .22s in the collection, however this one stands out. Maybe it’s the extremely light weight of this rifle, the smooth action, or the crispy trigger.

Let’s step it up a size… I also have a Bergara B14 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, and absolutely LOVE that rifle. Now take that full-size B14 and squish it down… You get this BMR Carbon chambered in .22lr.

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Springfield Echelon shown with sparks and glory

In this review, we are going through the basics. We will take a tour of the features, and specs, do a grouping and ammo comparison and test, talk about pricing, and of course… performance.


Features and Specs

The Springfield Echelon runs well!

Packed full of Features for a little .22

This mini B14 (BMR Carbon .22lr) features a sexy No.6 Carbon Fiber barrel which really reduces the weight of the rifle significantly. This .22 has a standard Picatinny rail which is actually a great feature as most of the .22s I purchase…*cough CZ cough* have a standard 11mm rail which usually means adapters. Since the Bergara has a pic rail, you can mount any standard scope ring. The Bergara also comes with a 5 round and a 10 round magazine. Though these magazines are composite, they are very thick and well made. The rifle has a composite light-weight stock with a rubber recoil pad and is hand-painted. One awesome feature is the threaded barrel. The threading is a standard 1/2x28 thread pitch so you can mount your muzzle devices or suppressors. The BMR Carbon features a Match Chamber for precision shooting and a B14 style bolt action which has been condensed for the .22 chambering. The Bolt handle is enlarged, safety is on the rear right of the action, and firing pin indicator is a bright red for easy identification. The BMR Carbon comes in at a very light 5lbs which is due to the carbon fiber barrel, and light-weight stock.

The BMR Carbon is available in an 18” and 20” and is offered in .22lr, .22WMR, and .17HMR. This of course is the 18” Carbon fiber chambered in 22lr. You can also purchase the Steel Barreled BMR for a pretty sizeable price reduction and some increased weight.

Some of the *extra* accessories that you see on my rifle are the Bipod, Bipod adapter, and Riton Scope.

The Bipod is an Accutac WB-4 QD BIPOD… Maybe a bit of an overkill for a .22 The Bipod Adapter is a Caldwell Pic Rail Adapter and mounts right up to the Sling swivel stud giving you a non-destructive Picatinny Rail for the Accutac. The Scope is the Riton 5 Primal 2-12 x 44 Second Focal plane MOA scope. This scope offers excellent clarity, light transmission, easy adjustments, and an excellent PHD reticle.


Believe it or not, this BMR actually has a kill count. Having moved out to the country, I have taken 8 squirrels from about 50 yards away via headshot as they were attacking my chickens and destroying my chicken feed containers. Throughout the last 3 or so months that I’ve owned this rifle, Friends, Family, and I have put well over 1,500 rounds through this rifle using a mix of quality ammunition and cheap bulk pack ammo. One thing to watch out for, that is really more or less a learning lesson. The bolt extracts the spent casings when the bolt reaches the rear of a cycle. This rifle can not be short stroked or cycled and will cause a jam if you don’t pull the bolt back all the way. This is not really an issue, more of a warning. When I get fast and sloppy and don’t cycle the bolt completely… It can jam up.

Ammo Test and Grouping

I set out my targets on my pistol range at about 25 yards. Groups were about ¼ to 3/8 inches on all three different ammo types. The Armscor, Winchester Super Suppressed, and Norma Tac22 all performed well. I can only imagine the slight deviation in grouping was simply due to my shooting ability and not the rifle.


I love a nice .22lr… I think most people do. They are cheap to shoot, extremely useful for pests, and a blast for target shooting. The Bergara BMR Carbon .22 is absolutely tied for first place in my .22lr collection. In case you are wondering which other rifle I am comparing it to… Subscribe to catch my future videos!

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Bergara BMR 18" Carbon Fiber .22lr

Bergara BMR 18: Steel Barrel .22lr




Accu Tac WB-4



Gatorz Blast Shield ... EPIC

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Caldwell Pic Rail Adapter



Axil XCOR Bluetooth Ear Buds


Armscor .22lr

3.99 for 50 rounds

Norma Tac-22

3.99 for 50 rounds

Winchester Super Suppressed .22

15.99 for 100 rounds


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