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The Springfield Armory PRODIGY Double Stack 9mm 1911

Springfield Armory has been killing it lately regarding their designs, new technology, and practicality. Springfield Armory has been well-known for producing legendary 1911’s for over a century, and reliable polymer handguns in these past few decades. What I am going to show you here is a fusion of the 1911, and modern day double-stack technology. Today, we are going to talk about the Springfield Armory Prodigy Double Stack 9mm 1911.

The Prodigy Double Stack 1911 is something we have been asking for. A pistol built for reliable duty and service or something you can take straight to a local competition and be competitive. The Prodigy 1911DS is truly a fusion between the “modern” style of 1911’s which offer deeper slide serrations, optic systems, and picatinny rails and fuses the technology of a polymer double stack grip module offering double the capacity of its single stack counterparts.


Quality Impressions -

Springfield Armory has been well known to produce a QUALITY 1911... This Prodigy does not disappoint. The Prodigy DS is made of premium materials, cerakoted, and well fitted.


Photo Credit - Chad Kimmer (Springfield Armory)

This Prodigy 1911DS comes with a 17-round magazine and a 20-round magazine with the option of purchasing magazines that offer a stellar 26-round capacity.

The slide and frame are forged carbon steel and utilize a Cerakote finish offering an extremely durable finish. The barrel is a 5” Forged stainless steel Match-Grade Bull Barrel with a 1 in 16 twist which offers a long-lasting life and consistent accuracy.

Features an AOS Mounting system “Also known as the Agency optic System” This is a collaboration with Springfield Armory and Agency arms in creating a modular optic platform and utilizes multiple plates depending on the optic you want to carry. Each plate is machined from 17-4 stainless steel and designed around the chosen optic offering a perfect fit.

The polymer grip module features Adaptive grip texturing which is like the texturing found on the Hellcat series. It’s a sand-papery like finish that really helps counter slippery or wet hands.

Standard Picatinny accessory rail to mount lights, Lasers, and of course combos like the Viridian X5L series.

The dimensions are 8.5” long, and 5.5” tall. The Prodigy weighs 33 ounces unloaded.

MSRP for the standard 5-inch model is $1499, while the model shown here comes in at $1699 with the Hex Dragonfly and the A13B AOS Plate.

Final Words

Now remember this is an MSRP and I’m positive you will be able to find them for less. Not to mention, compared to the competition, that price point is EXTREMELY well priced for what you get. In the 400 or so rounds I have put through the Prodigy DS... It ate everything.


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