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Radian Guardian for the RMR and Glock MOS

In this writeup we are taking an in-depth look at the brand spankin new Radian Guardian MOS optic plate and why this is the coolest optic plate I have encountered.

Springfield Echelon shown with sparks and glory

The Radian Guardian and Six Iron Backup Sights are an all in one optic-system for the Glock MOS and Walther PDP 2.0.

This Optic-Plate features an advanced mounting system which is far superior to a standard screwed and torqued optic plate. The Guardian is made of Type 3 Hard Anodized 7075 Aluminum with Machined Stainless Steel Fasteners. These fasteners have oversized torx sockets which help prevent the dreaded screw head stripping. The screws that mount the plate to the slide have little Tru-Seal O-rings which prevent the need for a sealing plate and keeps moisture out of the mounting threads.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room… This thing has a dang shield on the front which protects the RMR face. This shield looks big and heavy… But it isn’t at all. In fact, the Guardian weighs less than a standard MOS optic plate. This Guard lets you rack the firearm against any hard surface without damaging or scratching the RMR.

Jumping back to the optic mounting… The Guardian uses what they call a Stud Lock. The STUD-LOK studs are mounted from the underside of the optic plate and stick up through the RMR optic mounting holes. Then you torque on a fastener to clam the optic down to the plate instead of just mounting it with threaded screws. These screws as mentioned before have over-sized torx heads.

What really sets this plate apart, is the optional SIX iron backup sights. The rear sight mounts inside the Guardian shield and is secured with a screw. They SIX iron sights also include a tall snag-free front sight post. The backup sights are naturally co-witnessing with your RMR and are in a “front irons” configuration. The Backup sights come with a little plate that mounts in your existing rear sight slot to “patch” it up.

I have racked this guardian against trees, and my folding table without issue. I have also seen my friend John with the GunCollective rack this against concrete. Considering the Guardian is lighter than a standard MOS plate, has an RMR shield, comes with built-in Irons, and is the strongest mounting system on the market, It is definitely a welcome addition to my Glock 45 build project.


Links to the products, and items used in this video :)

Radian Guardian WITH SIX Backup Sights. MOS/RMR Fit

Radian Guardian Plate Only



Echelon at PSA

Echelon from Sportsmans

Blackhawk Omnivore

Trijicon RMR2 3.25moa

Surefire X300

​Axil XCOR Ear Pro

Axil GS-Extreme

Gatorz Blast Shield ballistic glasses

​High Speed Gear Combo Mag Pouch








Blackhawk Omnivore

Trijicon RMR Type 2 3.25MOA

Surefire X300


Axil GS Extreme

Gatorz Blastshield

HSG Combo Mag Pouch


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